High-Tech Laser

Dr. Kostick is dedicated to delivering superior eye care

Part of Kostick’s dedication to delivering quality eye care to her patients is making certain Atlantic Eye Center has the new equipment to treat patients with retinal diseases, diabetic eye disease, and retinal vascular occlusions.

“This new piece of equipment will enable us to locate, quantify, and track diabetic macular edema, which is one of the world’s leading causes of visual disabilities,” Kostick says.

The technology may decrease the need for fluorescein angiography, which is an intravenous dye test that is used often with retinal disorder patients.

“The new test does not require an intravenous injection and will definitely decrease the risk associated with fluoroscein angiography, while improving patient comfort and safety,” says Kostick.

State of the Art
Atlantic Eye Center is continually purchasing high-tech equipment to make certain that our patients are receiving the highest standard of care.